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My time with Bert Monroy
December 12, 2006, 8:51 am
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 Wow, what a whirlwind week it has been.  After seeing my Dad through heart surgery on Monday and making sure he was going to be stable on Tuesday I went through with my travel plans to spend time with one of my favorite artists later in the week.  I spent one of the most incredibly intense days of my life learning artistic techniques from one serious master of Adobe’s Photoshop CS2.  I headed out late Tuesday evening and arrived (the next morning) weary eyed but excited and eager to learn from Bert because he’s no ordinary artist!  He currently teaches at San Francisco State University, lectures all over the world and teaches a long list of corporate clients including Pixar’s Animation Studios… Not only do I have a new appreciation in what all goes into the creation of one of Pixar’s animated movies, but I can hardly wait to try some of the new Photoshop techniques I learned right here in my own studio.  I literally felt as though I had a backstage pass to a magic show as Bert revealed many of his very own secrets right before my eyes.  He also shared some pretty cool insight as to what’s coming up in the next version of Photoshop as he consults for Adobe.  Bert co-authored the very first book on Photoshop techniques ‘The official Photoshop Handbook’.  You can’t get much more ‘inside’ than that!  Mix my ideas with Bert’s techniques and what do you have?  I’m thinking you’ll get some of the COOLEST artistic images you’ve ever seen!!!!!!!

I have been planning ‘my’ time with Bert Monroy for months now and came very close to not being able to go.  I’m just so happy that my Dad’s surgery went well and that he’s doing fine.  After all, Daddy is a big part of the reason why I do what I do.  I want to make him proud…