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Christy and Chris
July 28, 2007, 5:44 am
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My last blog for a bit as Ralph and I are getting ready to take a few days off… He’s recovering from his surgery and I’m just plain taking some time off! We’ve worked the past 8 Saturdays in a row as I’m READY for a bit of R&R.

Here’s few sneak peeks of Christy and Chris’ beautiful wedding at First Baptist Church on Main Street here in Dothan. We got so many amazing shots I had a hard time choosing ones to use here. Everyone was so nice to work with and the church as absolutely amazing. I can hardly wait for them to see the ceremony shots; they are just BEAUTIFUL! I especially love the shots of Dad walking Christy down the aisle as this was an extra special moment for father and daughter. Christy’s Dad has had some health problems recently and Christy was so thrilled to have him escort her in the wedding of her dreams… We were honored to capture the moment.


The Saga Continues…
July 28, 2007, 4:20 am
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I had a very nice visit with one of our brides this afternoon who expressed how much she appreciated my blog! I was overwhelmed as she explained just how informative she thought it was and how she AGREED with my points on how the influx of digital has caused a great number of non-professionals to enter the market. She wasn’t alone as many other CLIENTS and TRUE professionals have expressed the EXACT same frustrations I have in confronting the over abundance of POOR PHOTOGRAPHY being introduced to the internet and being labeled ‘professional’… We all hear the “I have a friend or a spouse who’s a photographer” statement almost on a weekly basis! None of us are doubting that this influx of creative tools to the market will certainly introduce A FEW very talented artists, but I can assure you they will be like the ones on AMERICAN IDOL, they will be few and far between!

It’s not the shear number of DSLRs now on the market that threaten our livelihood nor is it the few talented individuals that will RISE the to the TOP with theirs, it’s the fact that SO MUCH of what the consumer is seeing when searching for a photographer on the internet is simply not professional… What’s the problem you may ask? The problem is that over time we run the risk that the average consumer will simply become accustomed to seeing POOR IMAGING and therefore become ACCEPTING OF IT. Let’s face it, the general public is easily jaded and this is a real concern. What a HORRIBLE TRADEGY it would be if we lose the true art form of photography. What a sad day it will be when those who have literally worked for YEARS to perfect their craft will NO LONGER be appreciated or even respected any more than the guy down the road who just purchased his digital rebel xti!

So for all my ranting lately, I have received some amazing feedback from fellow seasoned professionals and we all agree on one thing. It’s time that we started educating the consumer on the difference between the average digital shooter and a tried and true professional. So, the GOOD NEWS is Ralph and I are taking the FIRST STEP as we are actively seeking more seasoned professionals with a minimum of ten years working experience to establish a counsel of leadership authorities who can help us produce educational materials for the average consumer. We are EXCITED about what the future holds in this business because as Sandy Puc’ (one of our modern day masters) stated in last month’s Professional Photographer Magazine: “When digital came along the focus was on shoot it fast and fix it later. But now photographers are working on the setup, the lighting… trying to understand how it works instead of duplicating it later on the computer. I love that people are trying to create art again.” THANK YOU SANDY for taking the words right out of our mouths! IT WON’T BE LONG before the unprofessional shooter is once again separated from the pack as more emphasis is put on getting it right… If you’re a true professional who is interested in joining our BRAND NEW affiliation of ‘SEASONED PROS’ we look forward to hearing from you!