Photography by Studio EnVogue – Dothan, Enterprise and Ozark Alabama

WOW, what a week!
July 14, 2007, 3:42 am
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This entire week has been a blur… I don’t even know how many photo shoots we had, but I do know that I got my first sunburn in a while from the multiple beach sessions and I think my 17 year old Vanessa just got three shades darker as usual! We did have one very large family that we photographed in Destin Florida that were on vacation all the way from CANADA. They were a blast to work with. I also managed to get some awesome shots of Vanessa on the beach at sunset one evening before we headed home. She always gets a kick out of doing something a little different. Once we got back to Dothan we had many smaller projects waiting for us including a few of a our favorite realtors and another amazing senior portrait session. Tonight we’re charging those batteries preparing for another awesome wedding at Maria’s Vinyard!

Next week holds even more excitement as I’m meeting with the publishers of PANAMA CITY LIVING MAGAZINE and planning some upcoming projects with them! I’m SOOOOO EXCITED to work with this publication. In coming from a major markets (Jacksonville, Sarasota, Naples, Miami etc…), I miss working with larger publications and PC Living is just like being back in the BIG GAME again! They really know how to put out a top quality publication and I will be honored to become part of the team that helps bring it all together!

I promise to post some images soon, but I’m afraid we’ve just been SLAMMED all week and have hardly been able to keep our heads above water. Heck, I’ve even put Vanessa to work this week and with her being so prissy you know we MUST be BUSY… Keep SMILIN’…

p.s. Ashley; Vanessa says to tell you that next week’s it’s your turn to carry the heavy stuff 🙂
-Cindi Kay


Malinda and Matthew
July 4, 2007, 11:09 pm
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LOVE ABOUNDS DOWNTOWN DOTHAN! Needless to say it did on this day while I was shooting this engagement session! -Cindi Kay

Angela and Chris
July 4, 2007, 10:49 pm
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WOW, what a wonderful weekend Ralph and I had at St. Bernard’s Abbey in Cullman Alabama last weekend! Angela and Chris were such an amazing couple to work with and we will NEVER forget their AWESOME wedding. It’s so nice to be so incredibly blessed in this business and be able to work with families that truly APPRECIATE what we do for them. We thank GOD every day for the wonderful blessings that have come our way. ENJOY YOUR SNEAK PEAK at this amazing wedding!

July 4, 2007, 10:16 pm
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Yet another Bride who will NEVER regret her decision to go with a more traditional bridal portrait… EnVogue Brides know that trends will come and go but Classic Beauty never goes out of style! At EnVogue we offer a variety of Bridal Portrait styles; never downgrading the value of well done classic portrait.

We also did some ‘out of the box’ poses as well during Rachel’s session. But, I thought I’d share this one here because I always want our brides to have at least one portrait they will never have to worry about looking at years from now and wondering ‘What was I thinking???’. Every bride should have at least one very nice traditional portrait and hopefully if they haven’t planned enough time to do it on their wedding day they will plan to do a bridal session to capture this most special image.

Brandi’s Senior Portraits!
July 4, 2007, 9:48 pm
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This girl ROCKS and so do her pics… We had so much fun working with her and I can’t wait for her to see the rest of what we created for her. Sorry Brandi, you’ll just have to wait until next week to see what all surprizes we have in store! -Cindi Kay

Why use this picture?
July 4, 2007, 2:29 am
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After my post on ‘What ever happened to good photography, I’ve had a few inquiries as to why I chose the picture of the pretty blonde with the ‘hot’ highlights as an example image. Well the answer is simple; it’s because this shot is a difficult one to accomplish and that this young lady with pale blonde hair standing in the blazing DIRECT sunlight still has plenty of DETAIL in her hair. What you would see with a pale blonde head of hair in direct sunlight in a shot taken by an unexperienced photographer would probably be HOT WHITE AREAS WITH NO DETAIL. I guess you could say this shot is somewhat of a photographic achievement when it comes to digital photography. That’s why I chose this image as an example.

Also, to clarify one other matter with my prior post. I would just like to state that it was not intended for any well established professionals! It was primarily intended to point out the lack of true professionals now entering the market and highlighting the massive number of non-professionals entering the market by simply going out and purchasing a DSLR and labeling themselves as a “PROFESSIONAL”. I can assure you it take YEARS to become professional at ANYTHING! How many MECHANICS do you know that just went and bought a wrench and opened a shop the very next week and if you do know any that did this how many of them would you actually hire?

I’m probably going to step on some MORE TOES here, but I’m personally doubting that taking a class at your local camera shop can give anyone the skills needed to become a working professional. If you plan to take these classes in hopes of gaining enough skills to make a serious career change then perhaps you need to speak candidly (no pun intended) to those teaching the classes to confirm if they are designed to provide a PROFESSIONAL LEVEL of education. How do most PROS get their education? We work for a few years with another professional photographer as an assistant or we work for a company that offers education as part of an on the job training program. Some of us get college degrees in photography in addition to on the job training. There is no QUICK ROAD to success in this business as even after we learn the skills there are many dues to be paid…

So, for those of you who may be thinking I’m a bit TOO COMPETITIVE. This simply isn’t the case. I have a DEEP APPRECIATION for the ART of what I do and I take GREAT OFFENSE to the CRAP that is quickly flooding the internet that is being labeled as ‘Professional’ work by many who have obviously never had any serious photography training or experience. If you know what you’re doing I welcome your competition with open arms! If you own and camera and don’t know how to take on the technical challenges that true professional work will bring I take offense to your calling yourself a photographer and I seriously take offense to your calling yourself a PROFESSIONAL. By the way, I have many FRIENDS who are TRUE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS.