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Just a little something before I go!
September 26, 2007, 10:32 pm
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Just wanted to share a few images from Britney and Travis’ wedding in Pensacola Florida from just a couple weeks ago before I head off to take my Dad to have his surgery at the Mayo Clinic. We now have confirmation that his surgery will be next week instead of this week. I’m just so thankful that he is in stable condition. I can hardly wait until I’m able to post more images from our recent work. I have lots more to share and a SUPER DUPER SURPRISE in store very soon!

Special thanks to this amazing couple for being SO MUCH FUN to work with. Now they know what it means to be ENVOGUE!!! Also, special thanks to everyone who has been so supportive during my Dad’s illness. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated more than you know!

Praying for my DAD…
September 25, 2007, 1:42 pm
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Ok, so I’m a Daddy’s girl… Always have been and always will be. So the past couple days have been very difficult as my Dad is in serious condition and we are extremely uncertain of what the future holds… My husband recently had his gal bladder removed so when my Dad started having problems with his we thought ‘NO BIG DEAL, he’ll just have a simple surgery and be a new man in NO TIME. Well, apparently after about a half dozen scans they confirmed that my Dad’s gal bladder is tucked over half way on the INSIDE of his LIVER… The problem being that he already has four stints in his heart and is on PLAVIX as well as ASPIRIN therapy and his blood is probably as thin as water. Mix this combination with operating on the one organ that probably holds the MOST blood vessels in the entire human body and you have a HUGE PROBLEM! So, where do we find hope? After a few dozen phone calls and hours of decision making we’ll be packing him up and transporting him to the Mayo Clinic as there is NO DOCTOR is this part of the country who will touch him or at least this is what we’re being told! I feel much better knowing that a doctor who specializes in operating ONLY on the LIVER will be taking his case!

I was told this morning that my Dad will be transported to the Mayo on Thursday. My Dad is stable for now. Thank God! I will be driving back and forth to Georgia (where my parents live) until we officially leave for the Mayo Clinic. I will most likely have to reschedule a few photo sessions this week and possibly next week as well. I may also suffer a small delay in shipments as I personally assemble ALL custom albums and I prefer to personally inspect any and all enlargements before they ship out. I guess you could say I AM the quality control department. I sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as this will be the SECOND loved one I will see through surgery in just a couple of months time!

By the way, I didn’t find out about my Dad’s condition until about 5 minutes AFTER Ashley and I finished shooting last weekend’s wedding. I’m just thankful that I didn’t find out BEFORE the wedding! Thank God for small favors! -Cindi K

Stay Tuned…
September 18, 2007, 3:23 am
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You’re about to find out why more and more couples are loving working with US!!! They are LOVING the ENVOGUE WAY of doing things! They LOVE the freedom of expressing themselves in front of the camera and yes that means, kissing, holding hands, walking together and being down right on the edge when they feel like it… One thing that I NEVER want said about us is that we weren’t FUN and EASY to work with! Our couples from South Florida to Jacksonville, over to Pensacola and Gulf Shores Alabama, all the way up to Birmingham and BEYOND are quickly learning what it means to be ENVOGUE! There’s no stopping us now! Even those that said they NEVER enjoyed having their photos taken before are relaxing and enjoying the moment. It’s all about the EXPERIENCE and ENJOYING being TOGETHER isn’t it? We promise to never let the camera get in the way!

So, stay tuned for some AMAZING IMAGES right here where the rest of the ENVOGUE COUPLES WILL BE!!! -Cindi K

Headin’ out for some FUN!!!
September 15, 2007, 5:35 pm
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What a week! I took some really cool pics, showed off my photoshop skills to a couple out of town visitors, taught basic lighting techniques to some amazing students (mostly out of towners as well) and mounted a few AWESOME WALL PORTRAITS!!! Special thanks to everyone who made this week a great adventure and teaching success. I have to admit I was a bit nervous presenting my first class, but everyone said they learned so much and was thankful for the experience. I’m already planning my next class and thinking it will be held in Albany Georgia as I had several people from there who I was unable to fit in this class.

Ralph and I are packing up and heading out shortly for a long awaited wedding this weekend in Pensacola Florida! Travis and Britney will wed in the Old Christ Church and then we plan to meet them in Gulf Shores the next day for a BEACH HONEYMOON SESSION! This couple seems to be up for anything so I’m hoping to come back with some really COOL IMAGES.

The next few weeks will prove to be equally exciting as we’re welcoming a new team member (to be introduced on my blog shortly) along with some more beautiful weddings! I’ve also been invited as a “SPECIAL GUEST” to a conference in Pennsylvania in just a few weeks and look forward to spending time with a friend of mine who is also a professional photographer! They are giving a class on framing that I can hardly wait to attend. My friend is already collecting brochures for me of all the sites in the area and I hope to see some of the Dutch Country while I’m there! Hopefully I’ll get away from the conference long enough to snap a few cool pics of the Countryside… Talk soon… -Cindi

the Caudle FAMILY
September 12, 2007, 8:53 pm
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Special thanks to the Caudle Family for allowing me to create these AMAZING family portraits here downtown in Dothan. We also did some studio shots of them as Dad is a minister and they are looking forward to hanging an updated formal portrait in their church. Thanks again guys; you all were so much fun to work with! I can hardly wait for you all to see everything I captured of your beautiful family… -Cindi K

BOOK NOW or forever hold your peace!!!
September 11, 2007, 2:04 pm
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The photography business has no exceptions to the occasional price increase, but this year I thought I’d give our couples a ‘heads up’ and an EXTRA SPECIAL opportunity to SAVE BIG by booking a bit early! So, for a VERY LIMITED TIME I’m offering a guaranteed LOCK on my current pricing! This offer is only for select dates through summer 2008, so if you’re interested you’ll need to jump on this bandwagon right away! CALL NOW to schedule your consultation. Appointments as well as these dates will be go FAST!!! (334)673-1879

Where do the EnVogue Kids go?
September 10, 2007, 10:17 pm
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You tell us!!! Yes, we know other photographers go downtown. But, we also know that most of them are known for shooting Brides, Seniors and the occasional Model, but at EnVogue we’re VERY QUICKLY becoming known for our URBAN KIDS and FAMILIES as well as our own Bridal adventures and senior portraits!!! I have never been so blessed… If you want to go on your own downtown adventure you’ll want to book NOW though because we already have a ‘JUST GOTTA HAVE IT’ waiting list!!! Special thanks to Julie Scott of Ozark Alabama for bringing her beautiful URBAN KIDS to me for this very special session!!!

the BEST Decisions I ever made!
September 7, 2007, 2:05 am
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I can just imagine this type of painting on just the right wedding gown!
Just a few years ago I was chasing down the magazine assignment shooting everything from the award winning realtors to the ‘profile’ of the month for various publishers throughout the southeast. When my husband came home one day and told me that FUJIFILM wanted to move us to Alabama! Once he explained that he would be servicing hospitals from Texas all the way over to the far East Coast it quickly became clear as to why Alabama would be the central location of choice. My husband is an EXPERT in digital imaging and is FUJIFILM’s ‘GO TO’ GUY when it comes to their very latest imaging technologies in the medical world so how could he say no! I’m so proud of his accomplishments and can’t begin to tell you how cool it is to get those metal boxes full of CCD imaging sensors delivered to our doorstep with giant red stickers all over them that say ‘EMERGENCY MEDICAL EQUIPMENT ENCLOSED’… We are quite literally the FIRST stop on the Federal Express route because of the importance of what’s in those boxes. Without Ralph on the scene, somewhere there’s a hospital scanner without a chip in it!

Anyway, at first I admit I wasn’t so keen on moving to Alabama because I’m set in my ways and had a plan for my photography and was quite happy with my select weddings and working for major market magazines. But, I quickly realized that change was on the horizon. We moved to Alabama, said a few prayers and the rest in history! Before I knew it I found myself IN LOVE with this place! I immediately started searching for a place to settle down and open my STUDIO! I won’t pretend I didn’t STRUGGLE. It’s always a struggle trying to establish a business, especially after you had to pack it up and move it to another state! But, after a few years of riding the emotional roller coaster and sweatin’ the every day pressures of ‘starting over’ I’m pleased to report I’M BLESSED!!! Even more exciting, just a few weeks ago I did something I NEVER thought I’d do as I TURNED DOWN another offer to travel back to South Florida for yet another magazine shoot! Why you may ask! Because I’ve decided to FULLY COMMIT myself to becoming the photographic artist that I’ve always wanted to be and I simply could not be while chasing down assignment after assignment full of someone’s else’s vision and direction.

You see, in addition to photography I have always enjoyed drawing and painting and have naturally gravitated to the more artistic side of the world of photography. I’ve already began offering some VERY unique pieces of photographic art and plan to offer ONE OF A KIND PIECES some of which will be ‘HAND TOUCHED’ by ‘you know who’… One thing I will NEVER offer is art that is solely generated by any single click of a computer. No one computer program and or hand painting technique will be used. These will be TRUE WORKS OF ART. I can’t even begin to describe here some of the MANY ideas I have for turning my photography into the ART I’ve dreamed of for YEARS! My clients will enjoy a very special experience when they walk away with one of my creations. I’m so excited about what the future holds!

Beach family collage…
September 4, 2007, 6:03 pm
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Boy, I’m on a roll with artwork… I just finshed designing a couple 24″x36″ painted images for my client to display in her home and wanted to share this one! I just LOVE the FEET… We always LOVE IT when our clients to do things that we can incorporate into artwork when we shoot a beach family portrait session. Posed family portraits are nice, but my clients enjoy hanging more than just a ‘picture’ on their walls… ENJOY!!!

Holiday Portrait Painting Creation…
September 4, 2007, 1:14 am
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Just wanted to post a painting I worked on this weekend… I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my holiday weekend than creating something this wonderful. I know her Mom is going to LOVE IT! I’ll try to post a few more images from this wonderful session if I have a chance this week. I’m having so much fun creating art lately and just couldn’t wait to share! Thanks for visiting… -Cindi K

September 3, 2007, 2:28 pm
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PHOTOSHOP – the artist’s tool…

It’s too bad that some still don’t take Photoshop as a serious artist’s tool… Just imagine what we can do with a photograph! -Cindi K