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the BEST Decisions I ever made!
September 7, 2007, 2:05 am
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I can just imagine this type of painting on just the right wedding gown!
Just a few years ago I was chasing down the magazine assignment shooting everything from the award winning realtors to the ‘profile’ of the month for various publishers throughout the southeast. When my husband came home one day and told me that FUJIFILM wanted to move us to Alabama! Once he explained that he would be servicing hospitals from Texas all the way over to the far East Coast it quickly became clear as to why Alabama would be the central location of choice. My husband is an EXPERT in digital imaging and is FUJIFILM’s ‘GO TO’ GUY when it comes to their very latest imaging technologies in the medical world so how could he say no! I’m so proud of his accomplishments and can’t begin to tell you how cool it is to get those metal boxes full of CCD imaging sensors delivered to our doorstep with giant red stickers all over them that say ‘EMERGENCY MEDICAL EQUIPMENT ENCLOSED’… We are quite literally the FIRST stop on the Federal Express route because of the importance of what’s in those boxes. Without Ralph on the scene, somewhere there’s a hospital scanner without a chip in it!

Anyway, at first I admit I wasn’t so keen on moving to Alabama because I’m set in my ways and had a plan for my photography and was quite happy with my select weddings and working for major market magazines. But, I quickly realized that change was on the horizon. We moved to Alabama, said a few prayers and the rest in history! Before I knew it I found myself IN LOVE with this place! I immediately started searching for a place to settle down and open my STUDIO! I won’t pretend I didn’t STRUGGLE. It’s always a struggle trying to establish a business, especially after you had to pack it up and move it to another state! But, after a few years of riding the emotional roller coaster and sweatin’ the every day pressures of ‘starting over’ I’m pleased to report I’M BLESSED!!! Even more exciting, just a few weeks ago I did something I NEVER thought I’d do as I TURNED DOWN another offer to travel back to South Florida for yet another magazine shoot! Why you may ask! Because I’ve decided to FULLY COMMIT myself to becoming the photographic artist that I’ve always wanted to be and I simply could not be while chasing down assignment after assignment full of someone’s else’s vision and direction.

You see, in addition to photography I have always enjoyed drawing and painting and have naturally gravitated to the more artistic side of the world of photography. I’ve already began offering some VERY unique pieces of photographic art and plan to offer ONE OF A KIND PIECES some of which will be ‘HAND TOUCHED’ by ‘you know who’… One thing I will NEVER offer is art that is solely generated by any single click of a computer. No one computer program and or hand painting technique will be used. These will be TRUE WORKS OF ART. I can’t even begin to describe here some of the MANY ideas I have for turning my photography into the ART I’ve dreamed of for YEARS! My clients will enjoy a very special experience when they walk away with one of my creations. I’m so excited about what the future holds!