Photography by Studio EnVogue – Dothan, Enterprise and Ozark Alabama

Stay Tuned…
September 18, 2007, 3:23 am
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You’re about to find out why more and more couples are loving working with US!!! They are LOVING the ENVOGUE WAY of doing things! They LOVE the freedom of expressing themselves in front of the camera and yes that means, kissing, holding hands, walking together and being down right on the edge when they feel like it… One thing that I NEVER want said about us is that we weren’t FUN and EASY to work with! Our couples from South Florida to Jacksonville, over to Pensacola and Gulf Shores Alabama, all the way up to Birmingham and BEYOND are quickly learning what it means to be ENVOGUE! There’s no stopping us now! Even those that said they NEVER enjoyed having their photos taken before are relaxing and enjoying the moment. It’s all about the EXPERIENCE and ENJOYING being TOGETHER isn’t it? We promise to never let the camera get in the way!

So, stay tuned for some AMAZING IMAGES right here where the rest of the ENVOGUE COUPLES WILL BE!!! -Cindi K