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Praying for my DAD…
September 25, 2007, 1:42 pm
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Ok, so I’m a Daddy’s girl… Always have been and always will be. So the past couple days have been very difficult as my Dad is in serious condition and we are extremely uncertain of what the future holds… My husband recently had his gal bladder removed so when my Dad started having problems with his we thought ‘NO BIG DEAL, he’ll just have a simple surgery and be a new man in NO TIME. Well, apparently after about a half dozen scans they confirmed that my Dad’s gal bladder is tucked over half way on the INSIDE of his LIVER… The problem being that he already has four stints in his heart and is on PLAVIX as well as ASPIRIN therapy and his blood is probably as thin as water. Mix this combination with operating on the one organ that probably holds the MOST blood vessels in the entire human body and you have a HUGE PROBLEM! So, where do we find hope? After a few dozen phone calls and hours of decision making we’ll be packing him up and transporting him to the Mayo Clinic as there is NO DOCTOR is this part of the country who will touch him or at least this is what we’re being told! I feel much better knowing that a doctor who specializes in operating ONLY on the LIVER will be taking his case!

I was told this morning that my Dad will be transported to the Mayo on Thursday. My Dad is stable for now. Thank God! I will be driving back and forth to Georgia (where my parents live) until we officially leave for the Mayo Clinic. I will most likely have to reschedule a few photo sessions this week and possibly next week as well. I may also suffer a small delay in shipments as I personally assemble ALL custom albums and I prefer to personally inspect any and all enlargements before they ship out. I guess you could say I AM the quality control department. I sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as this will be the SECOND loved one I will see through surgery in just a couple of months time!

By the way, I didn’t find out about my Dad’s condition until about 5 minutes AFTER Ashley and I finished shooting last weekend’s wedding. I’m just thankful that I didn’t find out BEFORE the wedding! Thank God for small favors! -Cindi K