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It’s all in a Day’s Work!!!
October 25, 2007, 11:06 pm
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I’d like to say that I’m all caught up, but we all know that that will never happen! But, I did make some major strides today in finishing the assembly of THREE of this season’s wedding albums! I’ve got at least 2 more (hopefully to be completed next week) before I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I have to say I had fun challenging myself this week in getting all three of these books finished. Rachel and her mom will be pleased to get their books and I can hardly wait for Caitlin and Mitch to pick up their beautiful book. Here’s a few pics (including some close-ups of the album covers) of this week’s accomplishments. I prefer to call them “ART BOOKS” instead of albums because so much of my heart and soul go into them! From the moment I snap the images to the moment I secure the final page to the binding, they are my legacy!

By the way, I do offer other colors as well as every leather option known to man. But, just like the black tux and white gown, the basic black wedding album seems to have made it’s mark on the wedding experience! Some things NEVER go out of style!!! ENJOY -Cindi Kay

Pets are FAMILY TOO!!!
October 23, 2007, 6:12 pm
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I’ve had a ton of requests for family portraits with pets lately and it’s always such a pleasure to create these wonderful memories. I’m still processing these images, but couldn’t resist sharing a ‘sneak peaks’ of just a few of my favorites! Here’s Ashley Solomon and her ADORABLE FAMILY!!! Talk soon… Cindi Kay

New backdrop options…
October 19, 2007, 1:18 am
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Just a quick post to share a few super fun options that I recently added to my studio. I’m especially proud of our all new MODERN ART WALL… This structure is super fun and functional in that it can be used as a backdrop or a POSING PROP! Brides, Models, Seniors and even families can lean on it, sit on it or use it as a traditional background! I’m gonna have fun with this one. You can see both sides of it here as my beautiful daughter Vanessa shows it off for us!

I also added a beautiful VICTORIAN WALL to my studio for some truly dimentional bridal portraits just like those we are now seeing in the bridal magazines! Look for some cool EDGY shots on this beauty using my own special blend of glamour lighting in the near future! I’m also creating a special set just for my seniors! I’m not finished with it yet so it will be unveiled in a future blog, but I promise it will be just as cool and designed to enhance the CASUAL looks that both our guys and gals like to show off for us! TALK SOON -Cindi Kay

Special Thanks…
October 17, 2007, 12:29 am
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Just a quick note of thanks to all of those who showed great compassion during my Dad’s illness and are continuing to support me while I am hard at work getting back on track. You’re thoughts and prayers mean so much more than you will ever know!

I also wanted to send a special thanks to a young man from Bend OR who seems to think that I’m a pretty good teacher. Thanks Joshua for all your kind words. It has been a pleasure mentoring you and I’m amazed at your progress so far! I hope to see you go far in the world of photography because if anyone ever had the passion for this business it is certainly you. I can hardly wait to see what you have in store next!

Also, if you have attemted to send me an EMAIL in the past few days please try again as COMCAST seems to be having problems with my account. They are working on the problem and I HOPE they have it resolved by tomorrow! -Talk soon- Cindi K

Hope FLIES and so do Photographers!
October 6, 2007, 12:16 am
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My Dad’s not the only one RECOVERING! I am please to report that my Dad is doing GREAT after his visit to the Mayo Clinic. Boy, those guys over there really know their medicine. I’m just so thankful that he is feeling better and is finally able to hold solid food again. He had us all very worried!

I had been planning to attend a 3 day conference in Pennsylvania, but all but cancelled my plans when we got final word from the Mayo about my Dad’s procedure and then my Dad put his foot down and informed me that he really wanted me to go! What a decision I had to make! So, after a bit of prayer and a couple convervations with doctors who reassured me that my Dad was stable I decided to head up to Pennsaylvania for 2 days instead of 3 and fly back into Jacksonville Florida BEFORE my Dad was due to have surgery. My plans seemed so simple, but let me tell you I’ve never felt like I’ve ran a marathon like this before!

It has been an amazing RIDE to say the least, but all things work out for a reason and with my Dad’s blessing I took in so many wonderful things while in Pennsylvania. Spending time with Master Photographer Craig Flory was SUCH AN HONOR! Not only did I get to HANG OUT with him, but I got to watch him win yet another regional print competition! He introduced me to many other masters of our industry who traveled far and wide to attend the conference and I felt like a queen as I was introduced as his special guests all over the place! I captured many wonderful photographs while I was on my trip, including one of a very nice man watching the people go by in the Atlanta Airport. YES, as silly as I sounded, I asked him for written permission to use his image and he wrote me a release on the spot! I think I may have an award winner of my own with this one and can hardly wait to show it off. All of these photos brought smiles to my Dad’s face before and AFTER his procedure and without his saying a word I know now if I NEVER KNEW before why I became a photographer! ENJOY!