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Bridal Extravaganza Q&A
February 2, 2008, 5:26 pm
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I’ve been asked dozens of times if I plan to be there and my answer is a simple YES I will be there, but NO I will not have an exibit/booth… For those who are asking WHY, here it is:

A friend of mine who recently had a booth in a show told me of how disappointed he was that he really wasn’t able to focus on any one particular bride for more than a few seconds during the event. He was very disappointed because he wanted to spend quality time with each one of them and simply couldn’t! His frustration along with my past experiences with these types of events helped make my decision. I have a very nice “consultation” room at my studio where I prefer to meet on a more personal level with brides. I simply don’t think I can meet someone and have them evaluate my work, my personality and my style within the few seconds they would spend at my booth. I do think that these shows are WONDERFUL for brides as they are chock full of great ideas for their weddings. They will find the lastest bridal fashions along with lots of great decorating and planning ideas there!

I PREFER a much more “one on one” experience when it comes to meeting brides. I like to know that they are hiring me because they truly LOVE my work and not because they liked my booth better than the next guy… It’s NOT that I’m unsocial, it’s as simple as wanting to build a real relationship with my clients and not having their first meeting with me be so rushed…

THE GOOD NEWS is my work will be well represented at the show. I have an AMAZING wedding in Southern Bride magazine and I’m sure that every bride at the show will pick one up and take it home! I also have a beautiful bride on the cover of the new Wiregrass Bridal Directory and that will be a MUST for every bride as well… I have FAITH that any bride who truly enjoys our work will find it well worth their time in stopping by our studio (right here on Main Street) to see all that we have to offer. I’m also sure they will find our pricing very competitive to anyone else who does work as professional as we do!

Don’t be surprized if you see me wondering around the show floor though as I do like to see all the wonderful gowns that we’ll be photographing this year! I do LOVE a good fashion show! I do enjoy GOING TO the show, I just prefer not to be an exibit 🙂 -Cindi Kay