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Celebrate LIFE!!!
July 9, 2009, 11:16 pm
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What do average american families doing during a recession? They CELEBRATE LIFE and find more ways than ever to make an impression on the world around them! I pondered the many ways the economy would affect our business and I even socked away some extra funds to help us find our way through the unexpected. What I didn’t expect was the endurance of the American Family Portrait and how much more important it would become during times of struggle. I mean, the average family is spending less time going out to the movies and more time at home with their family and perhaps many of them are finding this to be a nice change! My take on all this is that as more time is being spent at home and more value is being placed on the overall home environment. OK, I admit it, I believe more families are having their PORTRAITS taken in a bad economy! Perhaps it’s as simple as moms and dads wanting to express their love of family on the walls of their homes or maybe it’s something much deeper. Maybe it’s the endurance of the american dream and the continuing desire to accomplish something. Maybe having a loving family IS the ultimate ACCOMPLISHMENT and more americans are appreciating the little things they are blessed with. What if every American Family who had all those snapshots safely tucked away in their computer suddenly realized that they wanted their family on the WALL and not in a BOX??? It is my personal opinion that the wall WILL WIN!!!


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Great post and I believe you are right. One of the dance school owner/directors was concerned that sales would be down because of the economy and she had a few students drop out and not do the ‘extras’ (ads in program book, etc.) I told her not to worry about it. People are cutting back on the really large ticket items like a new car, not photos of their child. She sold more ads than last year and my sales were more as well.

Great post! Thanks so much!

Comment by Melissa (Missy)

I agree! It is always best to concentrate on the positive! I am experiencing the same thing in my studio as well! Thank you!

Comment by Karen Linsley, CPP

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