Photography by Studio EnVogue – Dothan, Enterprise and Ozark Alabama

New Website!!!
December 14, 2007, 8:48 am
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So, if you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to in my off time you’re about to find out! I’ve been busy as a bee putting together the latest edition of our website! We’re so pleased to present much of our very latest work along with some of our favorites from days gone by… You’ll find some of our “traditional” side as well as our truly edgy “artsy” side here as I’ve incorporated more of this into the web presentation. I’m also including a bit more of our “Digital Mastery” as we take a perfectly good image and tweak the heck out of it in Photoshop turning it into something extra special. High Contrast, Blasts of Color, Paintings and samples of our custom designed wedding albums are all to be found right here and we hope you enjoy each and every bit of it!!!

I’ve got a few more things to add, but we’ve been so busy with Holiday portraits that I just couldn’t spend any more time on it… So, this may have to do until after the Holidays! Feel free to comment and let us know what you think!!! -Cindi Kay

Congrats to Britney and Travis!!!
December 11, 2007, 5:28 pm
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a simply Beautiful Christmas!
December 4, 2007, 3:31 am
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It’s not that I don’t like Christmas Decor, it’s just that I like for my clients to be able to display what I create for them year round even if they do come in during the Holiday Season! To me, this is when the simple elegance of the “high-key” portrait really shines! It certainly goes well with the “Winter” theme of the season and it makes a great Christmas Card! The BEST PART is that after Christmas you can still proudly display it without the intrusion of Santa being in the Living Room all year long! Ahhh… It’s SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL! High Key is a favorite for many clients all year long but we always do much more of it during the Holidays! Here’s a few of my favorite creations of my two adorable grandsons! ENJOY!!!